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maps and conditions - Centre plein air Le Norvégien

Now also open in the evening, the fence remains open at all times unless we have to close in the event of a heavy rain.

Trail Conditions

Mountain Biking

Trails Status Length Niveau
Rock & roll Open 6,5 km Beginner
La Skole Open 0,35 km Beginner (Kid's trail)
La 460 Open 3 km Intermediate
La Bluegrass Open 3,6 km Intermediate
La Déchaînée nord Open 1,7 km Intermediate
La Déchaînée sud Open 2,2 km Intermediate
L'Épique Open 3,8 km Intermediate
L'Enivrante Open 4 km Intermediate
La Drakkar Open 0,4 km Intermediate jumpline
L'Environnement CA Open 0,2 km Intermediate
La Kamikaze Open 0,7 km Advanced
Skills Development Area Open Progressive

Trail Conditions

Trail Running and Hiking

The hiking trails are the same as the ski trails in the winter. Trail running is allowed on mountain bike trails when they are not busy, but walking hiking is not.



Status Length Niveau
Trembles Yes Open 1 km Beginner
Bouleaux Yes Open 2 km Beginner
Sapins Yes Open 5 km Beginner
Frênes Yes Open 3 km Advanced
Épinettes Yes Open 5 km Advanced
Sorbiers Yes Open 9 km Advanced
Peupliers Yes Open 11 km Advanced
Érables Yes Open 3 km Expert
Mélèzes Yes Open 5 km Expert
Pins Yes Open 7,5 km Expert
Merisiers Yes Open 15 km Expert

Trail Conditions

Cross-Country Skiing

Snow Temperature :

Level of Humidity :

Recommended Wax :

Trails Length Niveau Status  Snow Condition Skate Skate
Trembles 1 km Beginner Closed Closed  No  No
Bouleaux 2 km Beginner Closed Closed No No
Sapins 5 km Beginner Closed Closed  No No
Frênes 3 km Advanced  Closed Closed  No  No
Épinettes 5 km Advanced Closed Closed  No  No
Sorbiers 9 km Advanced Closed Closed  No  No
Peupliers 11 km Advanced Closed Closed  No  No
Érables 3 km Expert Closed Closed  No  No
Mélèzes 5 km Expert  Closed Closed No  No
Pins 7.5 km Expert Closed Closed No   No
Merisiers 15 km Expert Closed Closed  No   No
Éclairée 4 km Beginner Closed Closed  No  No

Updated several times a day

Trail Conditions


Crampons are allowed in the 2.5 and 5.2 km trails when the snow is hardened.

Dogs are not allowed in the winter season.

Piste Status Length Level Crampons
La mésange Closed 2.5 km Beginner Closed
La sitelle Closed 5,2 km Advanced Closed
Le castor Closed 7 km Advanced Closed
La chouette Closed 10 km Expert Closed

Trail Conditions


Tire pressure:

Only the class 1 pedal assist electric bikes are allowed onsite.

Class 1 = assisted speed of maximum 32 km/h

Trails Lenght Level Status Wooded
Rock & roll 6.5 km Beginner Open Yes
Skole 0.3 km Beginner Familial Open Yes
Karv 0,6 km  Beginner Open Yes
La 460 2 km Advanced Open Yes
La Bluegrass 2 km Advanced Open Yes
La Déchaînée nord 1.5 km Advanced Open Yes
La Déchaînée sud 2.2 km Advanced Open Yes
L'Épique 3.8 km Advanced


Skills Development Area Progressive Open Yes
Drakkar 0.4 km Advanced Open Yes
Kamikaze 0,7 km Expert Open Yes