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For mountain biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fatbike trails.

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For the condition of the cross-country ski, snowshoe, fatbike, mountain bike and hiking trails.

Services - Centre plein air Le Norvégien
Centre plein air Le Norvégien

Welcome Center

  • Check out our warm and welcoming pavilion with a fireplace located in the center! It seats about 100 people inside. The terrace offers a view of the starting plateau and allows you to enjoy the sun.
  • Located in the basement:
    • A well-ventilated waxing room, with 4 waxing tables and irons.
    • Seasonal lockers rentals.
    • Bathrooms and 5 showers
  • A microwave, a drinking fountain and a restaurant are available for your convenience.
Centre plein air Le Norvégien

Lessons and Activities

Lessons offered

  • Lessons for children: Parents’ favorite! Sunday lessons allow them to enjoy a little time alone to ski, while their kids (5 to 12 y/o) discover the basics of cross-country skiing. Lasting 90 minutes, these lessons are offered for a period of 8 to 10 weeks (depending on the weather) and given by qualified and experienced ski instructors, in a safe environment. Skis can be borrowed at the ticket office and reserved for the entire lesson.
    *Offered from January to March. Instructors needed.
  • Private cross-country skiing lessons: we have a few CANSI instructors offering private and semi-private lessons.
    • André Proulx (418) 812-4909, Expert level
    • Diane Meunier (418) 944-4978, Beginner and intermediate level
    • Pierre-Luc Thibaudeau (418) 820-6217, Beginner and intermediate level
  • Private Mountain Biking Lessons: We have an instructor offering private and semi-private lessons.
  • Arvida’s Sport Étude Program uses our site.

Activities Offered

  • Official trail opening
  • Winter Fun
  • Competition Team
  • Cross-Country Ski Race
  • MTB Race
Centre plein air Le Norvégien

Cozy Winter Cabins

  • Take a break and enjoy the warmth of our cabins to relax before heading back out to play!

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